Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yesterday marked 5 weeks that we have been in Honduras.  Today was the day that we have been waiting for over the last 15 business days: Noah’s new birth certificate day!  Ricardo and Marta arrived early to the registration office to receive the new birth certificate, but had to wait and wait and wait.  Also, we were waiting all day to get word of their receiving it, so that we would be picked up and taken to the Honduras immigration office to get Noah’s passport.  Finally, at 2:38 pm, we got a message from Ricardo saying that they had the birth certificate and would pick us up shortly.  We arrived at immigration around 3:45 (they would close around 5:00) and sat down in one area while our lawyer Marta sat down in a line of chairs to wait for our turn to present the birth certificate and other documents to the lady who would allow us to proceed to the next step for obtaining his passport.  Because we were about 10th in line and there was only one lady working, we knew there was no way we would be seen before closing time; and we have to have the passport for our 10:00 am appointment tomorrow at the US Embassy.  We could sense the anxiousness from Marta as well, as she scurried around chatting persistently and convincingly to several official people.  Then, (from heaven) appeared another worker in the office at a cubicle labeled “emergency cases” who agreed to hear our case.  Soon, we were moving into another room to present documents; and before we knew it, we were having Noah’s picture made.  We were told we would wait 40 minutes for his passport (it was now 4:47).  At 5:02, after workers had begun to leave, doors were being locked, and air conditioning had been turned off, we were presented with his passport by a fellow who was on his way home from work!  God surely showed up big time this afternoon; and we also surely do appreciate Marta’s hard work to get this done today.  Now, tomorrow, we will have our first meeting at the US embassy and hopefully a mandatory doctor’s appointment, working towards getting Noah’s visa.  This is the beginning of the last step for us in being able to come home!  Please pray for us tomorrow. 

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