Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Where's Noah?!?!
Today was another good day of progress being made!  We woke up, got breakfast at the hotel, then watched a little Paw Chatrol (Patrol) before getting ready to go to the U.S. Embassy for our first appointment towards getting our visa for Noah.  Thankfully, we only had to bring a few pieces of paperwork with us because our superhero attorney Marta already had everything prepared and ready to go.  Because Marta could not go in with us, she gave us the paperwork, and sent us in by ourselves.  We were told not to bring any electronics with us, but as soon as we started to go through security they spotted Amanda’s FitBit.  So she had go outside and give it to Marta.  Then, they spotted the few snacks we had for Noah; but they wouldn't throw them away or let us in with them, so Clint had to shuffle outside with his shoes halfway on and no belt to dump the snacks into Marta’s purse.  We did make it inside ok though and after being sent at several wrong windows, we arrived at correct one, where the lady who was going to accept our paperwork and interview us was waiting.  It didn’t take long because everything was in order; so we went back to the hotel to wait and receive our case number so we could go to the doctor and get a TB skin test done for Noah.

Once we received our case number, we made our way to the Honduras Medical Center.  On the way in we had to walk down a flight of stairs and Amanda/“Grace”, who was holding Noah, tripped and nearly wiped out!  Thankfully she was able to avoid disaster.  HaHa.  Once we got inside we met with personnel who needed to get Noah’s information and weight.  Well, he screamed and cried and didn’t want to get on the scale.  So, they had to weigh Mama first and then Noah and Mama together.  Then we made our way to the doctor who would give Noah the TB skin test.  That was definitely a tough time for Noah.  As soon as they started to clean his arm, he began to scream and cry and didn’t stop until they pulled that massive needle outside of his little arm.  As soon as it was over though he got a sucker and smiled and told the doctor “Adios!”  Overall he did a good job!

On Saturday, we will go back to the HMC to have the TB skin test read.  Then, on Tuesday, when the doctor gets back in the office, we will complete the rest of the medical exam.  Of course after we finished this horrifying experience, we had to stop and get some coffee for Daddy and cookies for Mama and Noah.  Noah left with a cookie in one hand and a sucker in the other!  He earned a good snack for being a big boy!

We’re currently back at the hotel waiting for Wheel of Fortune to come on, and then we will live- stream Pinelake’s Wednesday night church service.  Mama is going to cook some burritos if the oven gets fixed, and later is the rooftop dance party!  That’s where we play music on our phones and have a family dance off.  Noah always wins.  Ha!  We had a good day and are grateful for the progress this week.  Thank you so much for the prayers!  We know our Father was with us today.

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