Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just wanted to give everyone an update...Most everyone knows that we arrived in Honduras last Monday on our second official visit in the adoption of our SON, Noah! We thought we would be given a signing date (day where the court declares that we are officially a forever family and we will post pics on this day) on Monday when we arrived, but that was not the case.  We continued to wait all week in hopes of a date with no word. Please pray that we will receive word on this date very soon so that we can begin the official legal process of finalizing the adoption.

Meanwhile, we have really enjoyed our time with Noah. After arriving Monday around noon, we picked up a few groceries, unpacked our suitcases, settled in to the apartment, and rested up for our reunion with Noah on Tuesday. When the time came, we were so ecstatic to see him and he definitely was glad to see us, but he was hesitant to leave the place and people who were so familiar to him. We are so very grateful for their taking care of him. Seeing Noah be unsure and hesitant when we were leaving the orphanage made us think about our relationship with our Heavenly Father. So many times God shows up in our life wanting to take us to a better place. Yes, change is hard and it may not be an easy road; but God does it for our good. Even though Noah recognized us he still wanted to stay in a familiar place. How often is God trying to deepen our relationship with him and others and make us useful in His Kingdom, but we just want to stay in a comfortable place?

During the past week, we have played around the hotel, had several outings to the mall and children's museum, and pretty much established a daily/weekly schedule. We get up in the morning around 7:00/7:30 to eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then play at the hotel or go out until lunch. After lunch is nap time for 2-3 hours. We take turns working out upstairs in the fitness room during Noah's nap. When he wakes up, we have a snack and watch a cartoon, then play or go out until dinner. We eat dinner in the apartment or the hotel restaurant. Next is bath time, which Noah loves!  Finally, we play until bed time around 8:30/9:00.

We try to get out of the apartment every other day because days in the apartment are very long. Noah loves the children's museum, and on our first visit there on Saturday, there were several school buses full of kids, which was great because he really enjoyed playing with them. Today we were able to watch our church service online. Noah loves music and seeing him raise his hands and dance while worshipping his Heavenly Father was so touching. I know God was smiling this morning watching His little boy!

Overall, our first week has been great.  Noah speaks really good toddler Spanglish, and we understand it very well.  Haha!  He is talking a lot and learning much English very quickly.  He says please, thank you, hello, bye bye, fish, water, big truck, and our favorites mama and daddy.  He loves to play with blocks, balls, puzzles, and toys that make music or other sounds. Noah is very particular about picking up his toys and organizing them in certain ways.  He loves to play outside and we have so much fun! We are so blessed with this wonderful little boy 😍

We do want to say thanks to everyone who is helping us at work and home. Without you, we couldn't be here doing this right now. How do you leave work and home for 4-6 weeks!?!?  With people you love and trust to cover for you, that's how! And we certainly have many of those people in our lives, so thank y'all very much for your help.