Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Study and Building Our Dossier!

Well, we have just recently started the most time-consuming parts of the adoption process.  Going through the home study and gathering the proper paperwork for the dossier (which is a file that contains detailed records about us) that we are going to be sending to the government officials in Honduras.  There is so much information everyone wants that it can become overwhelming (i.e. interviews, financial checks, background checks, psychological evaluations, home visits, medical physicals, etc.).  We're taking it one step at a time and are beginning to see progress.

Throughout this we are also gearing up for a second mission trip to Guatamala with the Jackson Prep girl's basketball team at the end of July!  It has taken a deeper significance to us knowing that our child will be coming out of that area.  Hopefully we'll be able to visit an orphanage while we are there!

We are continuing to see God's hand at work in this process.  He is teaching us to trust Him in EVERY area of our life.

In Christ,


Love God.  Love others.